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A teaser for Season 2 – I’m pumped. Last year I got hooked on a series airing on HBO, at first watching because I’m a sucker for anything with Sean Bean, then getting pulled in …

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Wild Case Files Interview

I had the pleasure of working with Todd Gustafson of Gustafson Photo Safari on an interview he gave for an episode of Wild Case Files on the National Geographic Channel.  In the episode they dive into …

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Gurnee’s Got

A little production put together last year highlighting reasons to stop by and see Gurnee, IL.  We were able to meet with the Mayor of Gurnee and work with some wonderful people.  Plus the a …

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Working on Shorts

The above link is from a short me and my co-workers worked on last week when we heard Burger King was announcing plans to start delivering.  After the news broke that BK would be testing …

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Kodak limping along

I attended film school in an interesting transition period for cinema, digital cinema especially.  While in school there was of course talks about how film was a dead medium for shooting.  Keep in mind this was at …

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