Ross, Cannes 2012 red carpetRoss Zuchowski, founder of RZuchowski Productions, grew up in northern Indiana with a passion for storytelling.  Currently he freelances around the country working as a Director of Photography, Camera Op, Steadicam Op, and/or providing support to any camera department in need.

Ross is vested in shaping unique stories to create your on screen campaign.  As a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, he is versed in every facet of production. Working in every camera department position Ross is capable of bringing both creative visuals as well as valued support.

Being a freelance Director of Photography and Camera Operator Ross has learned how to be flexible and is able to shoot on the fly.  Having a structured background in film he is also familiar with bringing a story from pre-production to post.

Based locally in Chicago Ross is able to travel to meet any needs of the client. Providing your camera department with the necessary tools to get the job done on time and in budget.  Through idea creation and collaboration with clients he strives to achieve a working relationship that benefits both parties and communicates a clear and concise picture of the project.

Photo from the 2012 Cannes International film festival where Ross screened Marla a film he co-wrote and directed with Casey Lock.  Ross continues to expand on his vision no matter the budget, a web commercial he worked on won a Telly Award for best low budget commercial.