Cannes 2012 – An Unexpected Journey

The journey began with a rendezvous at the Nice airport in France, where I met Co- Director of Marla, Casey Lock.  Once arriving in country it was time to venture off to Cannes and to find our living quarters or so we thought.  After navigating Nice sans map, something I don’t recommend, we found the train station and departed for Cannes.  We would arrive at Cannes to discover the wonder of the festivities and general crazy crowds.  Not realizing all the while that our accommodations were back in Nice – So we were strolling around in Cannes bags and all.  (My first navigational error not my last)

So Sunday departs as the travel day we began the day walking everywhere and get our bearings all the while butchering the French language at every turn.  Monday, the first official festival day  we picked up our accreditation badges and got to introduce ourselves to people at the short film corner and walk around the Palais to see various production booths.  We tried to queue up for our first official competition screening, The Hunt, almost 2 hours early but sadly we were not let in.  We quickly learned lining up extremely early for films was the only way to see them.  This happened twice more on Monday, we saw a total of 1 film that day – one we stumbled into once we were turned away for a third time.  Thus we left the festival Monday with a screening schedule for Tuesday, determined we would plan our day out perfectly to catch at least one film.

Tuesday began much as the days before fumbling in French to order a raisin croissant and a coffee.  Making our way to the train station which we could now navigate to easily – we journeyed the half hour daily ride to Cannes.  I queued up early for You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet” which is setup much like a play, though this film received good reviews it was not my cup of tea.  Afterwards we were able to catch, “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview“, which was alright but much of the footage worth watching is available on YouTube.  Overall you can’t help but be inspired to follow you passion after hearing Jobs during the interview.  Also keep in mind the interview was during his year(s) at NeXT, even then showing his level of determination after being fired from Apple.  We were then off to see White Elephant which is an intense film focusing on the perils of being slum priests.  If you have ever seen City of God you will understand the dim picture this film portrays if not strap yourself in and prepare to for a visceral look at slum life and faith.

Wednesday the rained stopped – (sidebar: it had been raining the past two days) This made it hard to want to be inside watching films when the sun came out France came to life even more so then it was already.  The beach became packed with people sun tanning and just generally enjoying the weather.  So time to wait in more lines for the next film, Killing Them Softly,  I very much enjoyed this film about washed up criminals messing with the wrong people, Brad Pitt.  To be honest he plays the  hit man type well, brought in to dispatch two guys that robbed an underground gaming ring; hats off Greig Fraser for the camera work it looked great.  After I was able to meet up with another filmmaker and friend of mine Arthur Swidzinski and Tomas Wysocki, they also had a short at the festival, White Walls.  We tried to wait for another film but ended up getting pushed out due to the film being restricted access.  This was a general theme for the festival anyone with lower credentials would essentially waste time waiting for a film only to see more “important” people stroll to the front of the line 2 minutes before the movie taking your seat.

Other than general meandering around Cannes and Nice that was the trip.  The parts I’m allowed to talk about anyway – Sometimes what happens in Cannes stays in Cannes.


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