Nikon Video Shooters Rejoice

It’s a very exciting time we live in that every six months or so products are being released with features that continue to push the industry forward.  We now have the capability to light completely different with the aid of cleaner higher ISOs, and we can operate with smaller crews, shooting in environments that perhaps before were off limits. Here comes another camera with the hopes of giving shooters even more versatility, Nikon’s D4.

We all know the Canon is king in the HDSLR realm but Nikon isn’t just letting them take over.  The Nikon D4 release marks a great entry into giving shooters reason to grab a Nikon body before a Canon.  Don’t get me wrong I love my Canon but the D4 feature set really grabs my attention.  Aside from its obvious professional photography specifications it offers a headphone jack to monitor your sound.  A microphone jack and HDMI out – sending an uncompressed clean video out.  These audio features just make life easier no matter if your running separate sound or not its helpful to get an idea of your reference audio for syncing purposes.  The clean video out is something Canon shooters have been trying to get for awhile now.

Its very nice to also see some features that seem very well thought out like the ability to shoot at different crops.  I’ll be curious to see this in action but the thought of having  a fixed lens mounted and being able to crop quickly to vary the field of view sounds great.  Another feature that I find very cool is to be able to incrementally change your aperture while recording in smaller increments.  It’s always annoying to try to get an exterior and you see that annoying aperture transition, hopefully this feature will make those ramps a little smoother.

Can’t Wait to See this in action!


Here’s a video link from Nikon

Look’s like some prototype footage was released!

DP review also goes over the camera in some detail

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JVC 4k Camera

I woke up this morning to discover what I looks like a great camera that seems to have appeared over night.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not following JVC religously so I may have missed the rumors of this camera coming down the pipe.  I am however extremely excited to see this company really pushing the industry forward by delivering some amazing features- sub $5,000.  One of which I hope becomes standard which is 1080/60p, others features on this cam include: 4k hdmi out and 1080 crop from 4k.

There should be more discussion about this camera and once they release some footage I’m sure we’ll start to see a lot of comparisons.  I am curious to see if this means they will also come out with a camera in the F3, C300 arena.  I always enjoy healthy competition because after all its great for us consumers.

Link to JVC news release: