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A teaser for Season 2 – I’m pumped.

Last year I got hooked on a series airing on HBO, at first watching because I’m a sucker for anything with Sean Bean, then getting pulled in by the characters weaving their way throughout the realm.  What started for me as just another reason to Boromir with a sword again turned into not being able to wait for the following week’s episode.  Soon after the end of the first season ended I hungered for more information, diving online in search of what happens to the characters.  I couldn’t wait for the next season to come out, I needed answers.  I soon bought the first four books, book one was a breeze to get through as I had just seen the series on TV and it felt like a great retelling with the interesting little details television cuts out.  Book two these were the details I was looking for, filling my head with the story of how the characters’ journeys continue.  It sets the stage for what continues to be a batter for the whole realm where practically every man is king of his part of the woods.

I am currently wading through book three and enjoying every second I get to spend invested in the characters.  Sometimes its frustrating to be reading a chapter and enjoying the journey only to reach the end and know that you get whisked away to another character.  What amazes me is that its still holding my interest, I wouldn’t call myself an avid reader, but the series keeps pulling me back in.  The vignettes of stories that unfold all over the world George R. R. Martin has created are so tightly bound together that it makes you feel attached to everything.

If you haven’t started watching Game of Thrones – start.  Season 2 begins in April.

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Kodak limping along

I attended film school in an interesting transition period for cinema, digital cinema especially.  While in school there was of course talks about how film was a dead medium for shooting.  Keep in mind this was at a time when we were still cutting film by hand in one of our courses, I’m told this has since been removed from the curriculum.  The Canon 5D Mark II had yet to pioneer the indie market yet and Red hadn’t reached out.  In my cinematography program we were learning how to load film and shooting 16mm or 35mm if you were lucky.  I’m saying all this to preface just  how long film has been limping along and not so much in the Hollywood market but in every other small market.

I agree idea with choosing a medium to shoot your film on should always be a choice of aesthetic but with the indie video market exploding people were looking for cheaper options.  It been an exciting time for filmmakers especially with all the tools available to shoot with.  I just thought we should take a step back and reflect on how we used to capture light.

Kodak Timeline

Kodak Files Chapter 11

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Starting a collection of thoughts here – thought I would share some of my adventures with all of you.

A brief introduction – A gentleman of 25 years who enjoys good discussion about film and wants to take a moment and reflect about the finer things in life or to complain about the things that are not so fine.

I hope you can join me on this journey as I post and comment about my various wanderings about the interweb.

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