No Soliciting

A couple of months ago I was asked to DP a short by director Sean Halvorsen, the short centers around a typical office and the interactions of its employees.  This particular office has a problem of  too much selling to one another and not enough selling to the customers.  Mr. Thomas, the office manager, instills a policy of no soliciting to any employees and this is where our story begins.

We were fortunate to secure an entire empty floor for our office space which made shooting in each room more manageable.  The piece was shot almost all handheld to feel more free and give the camera a little personality.  We were also fortunate to have another operator on set to get additional coverage.  Lighting for this particular project was provided by natural sources as the entire project was shot in a day and lighting setups would have slowed us dramatically.

Rehearsal Take

Rehearsal Take

Take a look at the finished product and let me know what you think!

Directed by Sean Halvorsen
Written by Sean Halvorsen and Luis Alberto Perez
Produced by Luis Alberto Perez
Bill – Dave Karasik
Scooter – Mikey Vines
Lucy – Kimberly Bernal
Annabelle – Kathleen Blade – Owens
Mr. Thomas – Michael Finn
Mr. Jeffries – Matthew Weiner
Jesus the Janitor – Luis Alberto Perez
Random Dude – Sean Halvorsen
Director of Photography – Ross Zuchowski
Edited by Liz Tate

Assistant Director – Luis Alberto Perez
A Camera Operator – Ross Zuchowski
B Camera Operator– Dave King
1st Assistant Camera – Hugo Osorio
Production Sound Mixer – Nick Ray Harris
Craft Services – Sara Phillips
Sound – Noisefloor
Sound Editor – Curt Cook
Dialogue Editor – Nick Ray Harris
Music Composer – Devin Delaney
Music Composer – Kate Steinberg
Sfx Editor – Stosh Tuszynski
Foley Artist – Katie Waters
Foley Recordist – Evelyn Artega
Post Sound Supervisor – Gretchen Pitluk Coken
Sound Designer – Cory Coken
Re-Recording Mixer – Jamie Vanadia
Post – Hootenanny
Assistant Editor – Hannah Whelchel
Post Production Supervisor – Don Avila
Title Design – Graham Metzger
Online Editor – Jim Annerino
Online Assistant – Eddie Loera
Color – Nolo Digital Film
Colorist – Elliot Rudmann
Color Producer – Joe Flanagan

- Ross