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A couple months back while in the middle of producing interviews on the road in Philadelphia I received a phone call.  We were given a budget approval to execute on a commercial concept we had developed only a couple weeks prior.  The catch was it had to be produced before the end of the month.  On June 13th I flew home to Chicago to further develop the spot with the team and attempt to put it together in two weeks.  We needed to secure a location, gear and talent.  We settled on using Firehouse Studios for our green screen shoot which provided ample space and lighting capabilities.  Overall I was extremely pleased with the space and the staff at Firehouse.  We now had a location and settled on shooting the production on RED using the Scarlet.  This process worked well and I learned a lot about working with the RED workflow.

We began our shoot on the 26th barely getting it in prior to the month’s end.  Other than a couple of casting snafus we came out with a product that we were very proud of.  The post vfx process was executed with mastery by Ryan Trommer who gave the commercial its final look by developing the backgrounds for our actors.

Please take a moment to watch the spot and let me know what you think.



Producer: Ross Zuchowski

Director(s): Ross Zuchowski & Dave Olson

Cinematographer: Dave Olson

Grips: Rick Schuler, Arthur Swidzinski

Makeup Artist: Martina Sykes

DIT: Persephanie Engel


Editor: Rick Schuler

Graphics: Arthur Swidzinski (End Tag Flame Animation)

VFX/Green Sreen: Ryan Trommer

Music: Nathan Yaccino